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Tyson Hall Upcoming Programs

Program Date Program Time Name of Program Location of Program Sponsoring Hall or Complex
9/3/10 8 p.m. Iron Man 2 Sykes Tyson
9/8/10 11 a.m.- 4 pm Involvement Fair Ehinger Gym Tyson
9/10/10 9pm Casino Night Sykes After Dark Tyson
9/12/10 4:00PM Eagles Game Tyson Hall  Tyson
9/14/10   9:00 PM Glee Social Tyson Hall  Tyson
9/15/10 6:00 PM Jen's Library Tour Francis Green Library Tyson
9/21/10 TBD Volleyball Tyson Hall  Tyson
9/24/10  3:00 PM Allie's CDC Social TBD Tyson
9/26/10   7:00 PM Sundaes Sunday Tyson Hall  Tyson
9/27/10  7:30 PM Introduction to Self Defense Women's Center Lawerence 220 Tyson
9/27/10  4:30PM Becky Ross on LGBTQA in the workplace Sykes 252 Tyson
9/29/10   12:00 PM Lunch and Learn Sykes Ballroom C Tyson
10/2/10 TBD Homecoming Parade TBD Tyson
10/2/10 TBD Taligate TBD Tyson
10/2/10 TBD Homecoming Game Farrell Stadium Tyson
10/4/10  11:00 AM Know Your Status Wellness Center Tyson
10/6/10   3:30 PM Men's Soccer TBD Tyson
10/13/10   8:00PM Stoplight Tyson Hall  Tyson
10/16/10 TBD Football Game TBD Tyson
10/18/10   7:30PM Apple Pie Time Tyson Hall  Tyson
10/22/10   9:00 PM Sykes After Dark Sykes  Tyson
10/23/10   PJ Game Tyson Hall  Tyson
10/24/10 8:00PM Inception Movie  Sykes Theatre Tyson
10/25/10  4:30PM The Gender Binary  Sykes 252 Tyson
10/27/10 8:15PM Fall Choral TBD Tyson
10/28/10 5:00PM Dia de los Muertos TBD Tyson
10/28/10 8:00PM Twilight: Eclipse Sykes Theatre Tyson
10/29/10 TBD LGBTQA TBD Tyson
10/30/10 2:00PM Inflatables TBD Tyson
TBD TBD Halloween Bash/ Murder Mystery/ Fright Night Tyson Hall  Tyson
11/01/10   7:30PM Cupcakes Tyson Hall  Tyson
11/05/10 7:30PM Crites Music Festival TBD Tyson
11/06/10 1:00PM Football Game TBD Tyson
11/09/10 7:30PM Post Secret Tyson Hall  Tyson
11/10/10 8:00PM Sand Art Tyson Hall  Tyson
11/12/10 3:00PM Women Leading Up TBD Tyson
11/17/10 8:00PM PBJ Tyson Hall  Tyson
11/17/10 8:00PM Splits Games Tyson Hall  Tyson
11/19/10 8:00PM Dance Tyson Hall  Tyson
11/20/10 8:00PM Dance Tyson Hall  Tyson
12/05/10 7:00PM Karaoke TBD Tyson
12/06/10 7:30PM Pussies, Pens, and Politics  Women's Center, Brandywine 33  Tyson
12/6/2010 7:30PM Card Making TBD Tyson
12/8/2010 8:00 PM Breading TBD Tyson
12/13/2010 7:30 PM Procrasturbation Women's Center Lawerence 220 Tyson
12/17/2010 7:00 PM Art Exhibit TBD Tyson




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