A Cappella Singing. . .

Is Fun!
Keeps WCU Students off the streets on Monday and Wednesday nights!
Is Fun!
Beats "Spoon Playing" in listening polls 2 to 1!
SLICES! DICES! MAKES JULIAN FRIES! (oh, sorry...wrong web page!)
uh...did I mention it's FUN!?!

WCU A Cappella Chorus: A Brief History

The WCUACC started as a crazy idea during band camp in 1997. "What would happen if people came together to sing fun music just because they wanted to?" (Totally ignoring the fact that he ended a sentence in a preposition...An impertinence up with which I normally would not put.) was the question posed by now Student Director, Chris Quinn. The answer was simple. We would have fun singing. You see, if you haven't already guessed, we are all about having fun. (Notice the above list!)
We are a co-ed ensemble dedicated to high quality performing... and high quantity Simpsons and Ally McBeal viewing!
We practice on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7:30 to 9:30pm, so if you're wondering what that wonderful music is, that's us!!
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This page last updated February 1, 1999
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