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Initiate Process

To become an initiate, one must first meet certain Requirements and have certain characteristics of an Ideal Brother. Then, after attending Info Nights and Rush Events, the best candidates are given a "Bid" to continue to the Initiation step. After successfully receiving a Bid, the initiation process starts, which is the longest and most intensive part of the entire Process to become a Brother. Usually between six to eight weeks, initiates become extremely oriented with the Fraternity. As a class, initiate activities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

Being unified with other initiates in one's Pledge Class is paramount. An Initiate Advisor is elected to serve as a guide during this step. A mid-semester evaluation is completed for each initiate to update him or her on both strengths and weaknesses. Successful completion of the initiation process is necessary to become a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi. Individuals who do not demonstrate the essential qualities of a Brother will not be inducted into the chapter. During Final Vote, current Brothers vote to allow initiates to move to Spirit Week and finally, Induction.

Greek Alphabet
Fraternal Songs
Scholar Province

The Scholar's Province first appeared in 1941. Since its inception, numerous revisions and additions have occurred. The information in the Scholar's Province handbook represents the common heritage and institutions which bind all Phi Sigma Pi Brothers together. It will serve as a guide to help initiates and Brothers alike to discover their potential within the Fraternity.

The Scholar's Province is a multi-page booklet given to initiates. It includes information about the History and Landmarks, the Greek alphabet, Insignia and Heraldry, Fraternity Songs, the Initiation Program, Active Undergraduate Members, Active Collegiate Chapters, Alumni, and the National Organization.

Other Collegiate Chapters

The following seven collegiate chapters are in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Region:

  • Widener - Alpha Delta
  • University of Delaware - Alpha Eta
  • Temple - Alpha Lambda
  • Drexel - Gamma Xi
  • Lehigh - Delta Chi
  • Villanova University - Episoln Tau
  • St. Joseph's University - Zeta Iota

See the Scholar's Province for a complete listing of collegiate chapters or click here to use the National Website's Chapter Locator.