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The Philosophy Forum is a venue for faculty to present research to the members of the club and the general WCU audience.  Faculty from any department may present, as long as the research is appropriately related to philosophy.  Students are encouraged to approach faculty about this opportunity.  Ask your favorite 'prof' to present.  Interested faculty presenters should contact mpierlott@wcupa.edu.

Upcoming Lectures


All students, faculty, and members

of the community are welcome to attend.



Previous Lectures

Spring 2010

  • MarchDan Forbes, "Euthyphro." 

Fall 2009

  • OctoberLisa C. Ruchti (WCU Anthropology and Sociology/Women's Studies), "Intersectionality, In/appropriate Intimacies, and Invisible Labor: Challenges in Nursing Ethics."

Spring 2009

  • MarchLeon Niemonczynski, "The Postmodern Pierce: Deconstructing and Reconstructing a Life." 

  • MarchBruno Garofalo, "The mind, the body and the messenger." 

Fall 2008

  • November:  Fred Struckmeyer, "Punishing Crime in America."

  • September:  I. Larry Udell, "Taking Employment Seriously." 

Spring 2008

  • March:  Donald C. Lindenmuth (Penn State University, Philosophy), "Plato's Presentation of the Young Socrates." 

Fall 2007

  • November:  Bruno Garofalo, "Personal Identity."

  • September:  I. Larry Udell, "Popper and Rawls: Two Liberal Fallibilists." 


Spring 2007

  • April: Helen Daley Schroepfer, "Pursuing the Enemies of Freedom: Religion in the Persuasive Rhetoric of the Bush Administration."

  • April: John Boland (WCU Political Science), "Outsourcing: Should we be sending American jobs overseas?"

  • March:  Kurt W. Kolasinski (WCU Chemistry), "Sustainability and Energy"


Fall 2006

  • November:  Matt Pierlott, "Freedom and Fate: Resolving Stoic Determinism and Moral Culpability"

  • October:  Tim Golden, "From the Frying Pan into the Fire:  Prophetic Pragmatism and Process Theodicy"


Spring 2006

  • April:  Graham MacPhee (WCU English),  "Guantánamo: Hannah Arendt and the Disappearance of Human Rights"


Fall 2005

  • SeptemberOpen Discussion of the so-called "Academic Bill of Rights [ABoR]"


Spring 2005

  • May:  Hayat-Un Nessa,  “Human Rights and Discourses of Empire”

  • April:  Frank J. Hoffman,  “Arguments against Caste in Early Buddhism”

  • March:   Jeffrey Nicholas,  “Heterosexism, Evil Practices, and Thomism


Fall 2004

  • December:  Larry Udell,  “Justice, Innovation and Employment: Rawlsian and Schumpeterian Perspectives”

  • November:  Tom Young,  “Habermas on Faith and Knowledge:  A philosopher’s response to 9/11”

Spring 2004  (as "Philosophy Department Discussion Group")

  • March:  Marilynn Lawrence and Leon Niemoczynski (graduate students),  "Why Heidegger?"

Fall 2003  (as "Philosophy Department Discussion Group")

  • October:  W. Steve Croddy and Marilynn Lawrence (graduate student),  “Responding with Empathy" 

Spring 2003  (as "Philosophy Department Discussion Group")

  • April:  Fred Struckmeyer,  “From 'Just War' to Pacifism: a Personal Pilgrimage”

Fall 2002  (as "Philosophy Department Discussion Group")

  • November:  Paul Streveler,  “The Place of Philosophy in the Idea of the University"

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