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Here is information about our WCUPS Annual Conference, as well as some other student conferences of interest to our club.  As of 2009, the annual Student Philosophy Conference has now become a Graduate Philosophy Conference, following the formal separation of the graduate-oriented aspects of the society from the undergraduate-oriented aspects of the society.  The WCUPS website, for now, will still serve as an information resource for both centers of activity, while the graduate philosophy organization seeks formal recognition as an independent WCU organization.  WCUPS intends to host an Undergraduate conference this academic year as well, so please look for those details to be announced.

Directions to West Chester:  http://www.wcupa.edu/_admissions/sch_adm/directs.htm

Link to 2008 GPPC Undergraduate Philosophy Conference Proceedings (Hosted by WCU):  http://www.udel.edu/GPPC/conferenceproceedings.htm



West Chester Universityís

7th Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference




Past WCUPS and WCU Conferences

6th Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference:  Freedom, Free Will and Belief, March, 2011.  Keynote: Tom Radice (Southern Connecticut State University).

5th Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference:  Art, Ethics & Democracy, January, 2010.  Keynote: George Hein (Professor Emeritus, Lesley University).

4th Annual Student Philosophy Conference:  Faith, Reason & the Between, January, 2009.  Keynote: William Desmond (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Visiting Chair in Philosophy at Villanova University).

GPPC Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, February 2008. [Link to the Proceedings: http://www.udel.edu/GPPC/conferenceproceedings.htm]

3rd Annual Student Philosophy Conference:  November, 2007.  Keynote: Marilynn Lawrence Moore (Widener University).

2nd Annual Student Philosophy Conference:  November, 2006.  Keynote: Tom Sparrow (Duquesne University).

1st Annual Student Conference in Philosophy and Religious Studies:  November, 2005.  Keynote: Tom Radice (University of Penn).  Co-sponsored by PASSHE Interdisciplinary Association for Philosophy and Religious Studies.



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