, the students of West Chester University of Pennsylvania, proclaim April 18, 2007 to be the 11th Annual "Banana Day".

The purpose of this day is to:

Fun, because it is our 9th WCU Banana Day a non-traditional approach that will bring smiles to members of the West Chester Community.

Unity/Diversity, because different organizations and individuals from West Chester University will come together to carry out this day. Putting "unity" to the "community", and allowing the diversity that exists amongst the participant members (students, faculty and staff of the West Chester University Community to come out).

Involvement, because every person on-campus will be affected by Banana Day, whether by word of mouth, receiving a Banana, or enjoying the entertainment provided by students and community members.

Wellness/Health Awareness, because Bananas are an excellent source of potassium.- which is good for your body!

The "Banana Day Committee of West Chester University" strongly urges and encourages all members of the West Chester Community to actively participate in this healthy event.


Message from WCU President Dr. Adler (April 2004)

The Banana Day Proclamation

Whereas bananas are fat free,

Whereas Americans annually consume 33 pounds a piece,

Whereas bananas have been cultivated since the dawn of history,

Whereas a certain Friar Tomas brought bananas to the New World in 1516,

Whereas bananas were officially introduced to the U.S. at Philadelphia’s 1876 Centennial Exhibition,

Whereas 500 varieties of banana are edible,

Whereas bananas do not grow on trees—but on giant herbs,

Whereas bananas are known as "the fruit of the wise" . . .

I, Madeleine Wing Adler, President of West Chester University,

do hereby proclaim:

Wednesday, April 21, 2004, shall remain in the annals of history as

West Chester University Banana Day

signifying good health, good friends, civility, and doing our part!


And so: Behold the Banana!

We hear the a-peeling cries:

From Savannah to Indiana

One a day makes us healthy and wise!

Now wave your bandanas

And sound the pian-ahs,

At West Chester U.,

Let’s all go bananas!

Madeleine Wing Adler


Message from President Adler( April 2001):

As we mark the fifth year in the short but noble history of West Chester University's Banana Day, let us remember to make every day an occasion for unity, involvement, and good health. Now hear me, everyone: Go bananas!

Office of the President